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Because the role of human capital in economic competition is ignored by conventional economis theory, neither the Left nor the Right comprehends the fundamanetal forces eroding the living standards of working Americans and crushing the hopes of poor Americans. Both Left and Right continue to overlook the fact that income is an effect, not a cause, and that the only sustainable way of raising a worker's earnings is by increasing his or her productivity. Instead of stressing better education and job training, too many politicians blamr racism or seek economic salvation in protectionism and redistribution. Bionomics Rothschild, Michael 9780805019797:248

One of this should surprise anyone acquainted with modern economic reality, but when it comes to proposing solutions for America's poverty dilemma, neither the Left nor the Right pays much attention to these facts. Blinded by their faith in nineteenth-century econimic dogma, both sides cling to beliefs that simply make no sense in a rapidly evolving technicultural economy. Scratch the surface of any sophisticated argument for income redistribution and one finds a zero-sum mentality. Bionomics Rothschild, Michael 9780805019797:245