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Gretzky. An Autobiography.

( Gretzky, Wayne )

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14 I told him once, “Brent, the next car I win, it’s yours.”
“Forget that, Wayne,” he said. “I’ll win my own.” And he refused to let me give him one.
! - dobry cytat

15 She never thinks about what might have been. She knows how to be happy. ! - dobry cytat

48 Even though I’ve won the Art Ross Trophy nine times, I still believe the rule should be changed, so team play can be honored. To me, the best players in hockey are the ones who make their teammates look good, the ones who make their teams win. Truth is, we were all great goal scorers as juniors. In my book, learning to think “them” instead of “me” is what makes you a professional, and it’s what makes you a winner. If there’s one thing I’d like to be remembered for, it’s that I tried to think of “them” more than “me.” team building

77 I really believe if you visualize yourself doing something, you can make that image come true. trening

86 I’m about 5’11”, 165 or 170. I look more like the guy who bags your groceries at the local supermarket. Some people think you’ve got to be 6’3”, 250 to play professional sports. It’s not so true of hockey, but even so I’ve always wished I were bigger, always wished I looked a little tougher on the ice, like Rocket Richard, with those black eyes staring a hole in your chest. My face is kind of narrow, so it makes my helmet look two sizes too big. I don’t have big old Sequoia arms like Gordie Howe. Mine look more like toothpicks. I’m skinny. Somebody once said I could fit in a McDonald’s straw. I can’t skate at the speed of sound like Paul Coffey. I don’t have the Slap Shot of Death like Bobby Hull. I don’t click in my teeth in the morning and go banging into the corners. The way I see it, corners are for bus stops and stamps. trening

87 Because I don’t look too mean, people are always trying to figure out how in the world I’ve done so well. Some scientist even theorized that my motor neurons fire faster than most people’s – and we all know how painful that can be – and therefore I’m one fraction of a second ahead of everybody else on the ice. Some say I have a “sixth sense.” People are always telling me, “You must have eyes in the back of your head,” or “You just seem to be two seconds ahead of everybody else on the ice.” Baloney. I’ve just learned to guess what’s going to happen next. It’s anticipation. It’s not God-given, it’s Wally-given. He used to stand at the blue line and say to me, “Watch, this is how everybody does it.” Then he’d shoot a puck along the boards and into the corner and then go chasing after it. Then he’d come back and say, “Now, this is how the smart player does it.” He'd shoot it into the corner again, only this time he cut across to the other side and picked it up over there. Who says anticipation can’t be taught? trening


87 We took individual strength and stamina tests on the Oilers two times a year, every year. I always finished dead last. I had the worst peripheral vision on the team. My flexibility was the worst and my strength was the worst. My bench press is 140. trening

90 I do like to do one thing to goaltenders. I like to wait them to death. I refuse to panic. Hold the puck, hold it longer, hold it some more. That drives ’em into a frenzy. They can’t help but guess you’re about to shoot it and lean just a little one way and that puts them off balance and, flick, you go the other way, just like my dad always taught me. taktyka

92 Part of Wally’s training was encouraging me to find my own tricks. trening

Znajdź, wypracuj, wytrenuj to co cie wyróżnia od innych.
94 God knows we are underpaid and overabused. Ahamkara

107 He once told me that I shouldn’t take anything he writes seriously, since most of the time he was just saying things to rile people up. Fine, but when he writes something inflammatory, he never puts at the bottom of it, “Don’t take this seriously. I’m just trying to rile people up.” dziennikarze

156 The Russian philosophy was the right one – give the kids a puck and let them have fun. That’s how the Soviet players developed such great skills. The Canadian philosophy was make them skate first, then you throw them the puck. But so many Canadian coaches learned how the Soviets play through watching the Canada Cup and other international competitions that we’ve now adopted their system. We’ve learned from the Soviets how to handle the puck, how to be creative on offense. sportowcy

167 Hockey is a team game, and to me assists are the ultimate “team” stat. team building

186 His hands were tied. He worked for Peter and Peter had to take care of the bottom line. ! - dobry cytat

bilans resergii

W cytatcie chodzi o zwrócenie uwagi na to, że najważniejszy jest bilans resergetyczny (tzw dopięcie finansowe). O żadnym przedsięwzięciu nie można powiedzieć, że było udane, jeśli nie jest spięte finansowo.
214 The trouble is that some of the owners always do only what’s best for their own team, not for the game. natura człowieka uczciwego

236 “Skill brings luck.” trening

Fizyka Firmy

246 Naturally, Paulina was a big deal in Canada. And it was made even bigger because we didn’t want to release a picture of her until she got a few days older and got some of the wrinkles out. Of course, this caused people to go crazy trying to figure out why we wouldn’t let anyone see a picture. One paper actually had the nerve to suggest I wasn’t the father – I still can’t believe this – by printing a rumor that the reason we weren’t releasing a picture was because the baby was black. media